To co-create a multi-generational media and lifestyle brand for the outliers, the advocates, the changemakers, the allies of marginalized communities to heal, build and ignite positive impact in their lives, their community, and the world.

By sharing our learnings to inspire people to discover their personal mission and challenging them to figure out their unique way of creating positive change in the world around them.

By creating a mindful journey with personal development tools that will include journals, books, merchandise, videos, podcasts and corporate workshops that cultivate, celebrate and elevate underrepresented, marginalized and diverse voices.

· Building a more inclusive world
· Fighting for marginalized communities
· Cultivating a brave space for everyone to be their authentic self
· Leading by example
· Being authentic and transparent
· Embracing the healing process
· Holistic personal development (internal and external)
· Celebrating our differences
· Life-long learning
· Failing gracefully

We believe we are all change makers, no matter where you live, where you come from or where you are from, you have the potential and inner power to create change. It starts with you opening your heart, having a clear mind, and creating a deep connection with yourself. Our holistic process will help you heal, build, and ignite positive impact. Our world needs changemakers like you to step up and step out, to create the solutions and changes that are much needed!

Unpack your baggage:

Peel back the layers to uncover the reasons you don’t feel worthy or enough. Try to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and the often-painful process of digging through experiences, backgrounds, and challenges to locate the root of your limiting beliefs. This process will allow you to identify the barriers that hold you back from pursuing your goals and dreams.

Let yourself heal:

The first step to healing is understanding where the pain and trauma originates. The second step is to arm yourself with the tools to re-frame those challenges into opportunities for change and growth. We believe that you can choose to become a victim of the struggle or to use the experience to pivot to a life of fulfilment and joy.

Nurture and grow:

Create your own personal toolkit for self-care – from morning rituals to meditations to workouts – that add moments of joy to your day. We will share the practices that we use during challenging times, and the self-care rituals that have helped us mitigate anxiety, loneliness and burnout. Commit to nurturing your body and mind.

The road to discovery:

Nailing your personal mission, who you are and what you want to share with the world, is a process that is unique to everyone. A personal mission is your own call to action, a deep connection to your values, your strengths and your vision of who you are. Possessing such clarity can help you make choices that align to your truth. We will share our process to help you craft your own mission.

Put it out in the world:

Launch your mission by drafting a plan of action to pursue it. How many times have you had great ideas or goals and never made them happen? What is the point of tapping into your purpose and finding out what you genuinely want but doing nothing about it? We share our strategies to make it happen – from turning a personal mission into a business to creating a movement that was rooted in a personal call to action.

Create positive impact:

There are no limitations preventing you from making a difference in the world. No matter what issue you are passionate about, there is an ecosystem to create positive impact. Knowing how you fit into this ecosystem is the key, and we help you navigate the mental leap. Whether you are starting your own venture, launching a movement or you have a corporate job, you can still do good.

Pain to power:

Throughout this process failures, setbacks and challenges will come up. We believe you cannot merely bounce back from these experiences but learn to thrive in the aftermath of a testing event. We have a choice in how we meet and encounter difficult times. Reaching the other side, finding that sense of personal growth, is complicated – as we can attest. We were both forced to rethink our lives after painful events, but we were able to find meaning and creativity in adversity. We want to share with you our process of re-framing pain and challenges and turning them into opportunities for personal and professional growth.