Our holistic process to heal, build and return to joy starts with unpacking your baggage. Getting rid of all the self-limiting beliefs, all the negative thoughts and feelings that we carry that hold us back from achieving our dreams. Our tote is a symbol to only carry forward what serves us to reach our purpose and potential. Carry with you the energy of fulfilment, abundance, confidence, balance and most of all JOY!

Handcrafted in El Salvador by SEQUENCE artists. SEQUENCE was founded by our co-founder Ariela Suster in 2011 with the mission to disrupt the cycle of violence that limits at risk youth by creating cool, handcrafted products that generate employment and by developing and supporting programs that lead to personal and professional development.

The 3 Knot Tote market tote bag combines different skills and techniques learned by Sequence artists through their training programs. Screen printing, cut and sew, knotting and weaving techniques are all combined to create this cool tote bag.

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