LA CANA x I AM HERE TO Sweatshirt- Black



EMPATHY, EMPOWERMENT, INCLUSION, COMMUNITY this sweatshirt is a symbol of this energy. Our intention is that you wear it and spread that energy in your life, your community and the world!

Our sweatshirts are screen printed at LA CANA in Mexico city La Cana is a social enterprise that works with incarcerated women, by bringing productive programs and workshops into prisons, aimed at achieving the women’s effective reintegration into society.

Through their holistic intervention model, La Cana provides them not only with training in different crafts for them to become economically independent, but also empowers them to create a better future for them and their families.


LA CANA was co- founded by Daniela Ancira Ruiz, a social entrepreneur who started her venture after she and her classmates visited the Barrientos inmates in the State of Mexico, as part of a university project. She began her venture with a group of women concerned about the lack of effective policies to achieve the reintegration into society of persons deprived of liberty in our country; and by the conditions in which they live within the prisons, which make it difficult for their rehabilitation and social reintegration to be effective.